After last year’s very successful 20th anniversary Michael Fridjhon Wine Experience we decided to take a step back and review the event in its present format. For a start, with the escalation in the unavoidable hard currency costs (given that world benchmark wines have always been an essential element of the Wine Experience offering), it had become increasingly clear that without an increased contribution from a headline sponsor the Saturday tasting and dinner would become unaffordable. We also thought that it would be a good idea to hear from our guests if they wanted the event to continue in its present format. Finally, with so many wine events taking place during the year, was there even a need to offer a program dedicated to presenting the very best of international benchmark wines?

To further complicate matters, there has been a change of ownership at the Hyatt, and with it the departure of the team we had come to rely on to prepare the food appropriate to the world class wines which had been the hallmark feature of our event. Executive Chef Andrew Atkinson has resigned, following the GM Michael McBain who left a few months previously.

In the meantime, many of our usual guests have expressed interest in our at least retaining the Champagne brunch while we undertake this reassessment of the long-term prospects of the weekend. We are presently investigating whether this will be possible, given the changes at the Hyatt, and the limited number of venues which can provide the kind of fare we seek to offer and which can also accommodate the prospective numbers. We hope to have more information in this regard in the next few weeks, and meantime request that you bear with us while look at the possibilities and revert.

The Michael Fridjhon Wine Experience supports responsible alcohol consumption.

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